About Romford


As the site of one of the country's longest-running - not to mention most popular - street markets, Romford has long been an attractive place for those seeking a more traditional shopping experience.

With over three hundred stalls on the site, offering everything from fresh produce to clothing to electrical goods, the market draws huge numbers of visitors every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and remains to this day one of the most lively and varied markets of its type in the South-East of England.

In the modern era the success of the original market has enabled Romford to attract many of the retail giants to the shopping areas of the town, creating a bustling atmosphere across the wider area around the site of the original thirteenth century town centre.

One particularly well-frequented attraction that Romford has to offer is its greyhound racing stadium, which has a crowd capacity of over four thousand people and a number of excellent in-house restaurants, not to mention a vibrant atmosphere that regular visitors say is second to none. The town's sporting links also extend to the local ice hockey stadium, which plays host to the successful Romford Raiders team.

For those seeking a more pastoral experience in Romford, on the outskirts of the town lies the historic parklands of Bedfords Park, which is home to a wide variety of species of plants and wildlife and is an idyllic escape from the bustling town centre.